Podcast: CypherCon Podcast

Episode 59: Wireless Wizardry with Eric Escobar

We’re back after CypherCon 7 and I’m talking with Eric Escobar about all things wireless. Eric’s been with CypherCon from the beginning and trying to hack the scoreboard in Capture the Con launched his security career! I had so much fun learning about all the wireless risks, vulnerabilities, and risk acceptance. We also discuss the…

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Paternity Leave

The People of CypherCon Podcast will return in the fall after paternity leave. Hello World Baby Carlo! Returning January 2022 for more exciting discussions!

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Episode 47: Hacking the Financial System

Matt Werner aka @ropstenrich comes back during this cryptocurrency bull run to talk about DeFi. Matt is an expert in the cryptocurrency industry and a Product Manager at the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is disrupting the traditional banking system as we know it. Financial tools and actions such as borrowing, lending, insurance, and…

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