Episode 23: Continuous Penetration Testing

Casey Cammilleri, founder of Sprocket Security, joins me to discuss the necessity of continuous with DevOps and shadow IT departments so prevalent in today’s companies. We exchange security stories from our start-ups and talk about the awesomeness of hacker communities challenging each other and exchanging information in a fun entertaining way. Say hi to Casey on twitter @CaseyCammilleri and you can follow Sprocket Security @SprocketSec.

About the Author
Kyle Puckhaber has a wide background from mitigating cyber-security threats, business to politics, and everything in between. He loves navigating through chaos to find customized solutions to problems. He is the CFO for the cyber-security startup Deeplight Systems. He is a philosopher at heart. As a contrarian, he questions conventional wisdom and experiments with alternative approaches to traditional problems. He enjoys travelling, the outdoors, and finding wisdom in travelers and nature. The first podcast he hosted is called Seeking Truth, which is an effort to find truth through the dialectic process.

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