cyphercon podcast

Your Hacker Podcast.

Explore interviews with hackers involved with CypherCon, Wisconsin’s Hacker Conference. CypherCon attracts over 1000 attendees every Spring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

New Episodes release on the First & Third Tuesday each month. 

Join us at the next CypherCon on April 2/3, 2020.


Our Recent Episodes

Episode 15: Knife Fighting and Industrial Cyber Security

On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Lesley Carhart. We talk about hacking for pancakes, knife fighting martial arts, industrial cybersecurity, apartment complexes sharing your data without permission, and some really great resume and job hunting tips. You say hi to...

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Episode 14: True Stories of an AV Entrepreneur

I am joined by all around technical A/V guru and entrepreneur Sean Schult. We talk about how he sold his first program when he was 12 years old, how he started doing A/V in high school as a DJ and doing sound production for...

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Episode 13: Everything Crypto

Matt Werner joins me in a conversation about cryptocurrency. Matt recently worked as an Engineering Manager at Coinbase and shares a wealth of knowledge on cryptocurrency. We talk about different coins, how to vet a coin to find out if it’s good, and interesting...

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Episode 12: Augmented Reality Podcasting

Bummed that CypherCon is over? We bring you back with Augmented Reality Podcasting! Johnny Xmas and I sat down after his talk at CypherCon 4.0 and we bring you back into the Con. Among other topics, we discuss (not) flamethrowers, venmo drug dealers, and...

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Episode 11: Exploring Art, Gender and Community

In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Mar Williams. Mar is an artist and hacker whose interest is in the artistic applications of emerging and open source technology. You have probably seen some of their art featured at CypherCon. Mar has...

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Episode 10: Hacking Cars, Hospitals and IoT Village

On this episode Ted Harrington, partner of Independent Security Evaluators joins me to talk some exciting security research. We talk about what they’ve found in cars, hospitals, printers, password managers and more. ISE started the IoT Village movement at Cons across the world where...

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