Explore interviews with community hackers involved with or around CypherCon, Wisconsin’s Hacker Conference. CypherCon attracts over 1000 attendees every Spring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

New Episodes release on most First & Third Tuesdays of each month. 

Join us at the next CypherCon on April 28, 2022

Our Recent Episodes

Episode 48: Weed Hacking

On this episode I chat with my good friend Eric <redacted>. He shares his story about hacking his high school network and how that’s shaped who he is today as a leader in the fight for marijuana legalization. As a young obedient student, Eric...

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Paternity Leave

The People of CypherCon Podcast will return in the fall after paternity leave. Hello World Baby Carlo! Returning January 2022 for more exciting discussions!

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Episode 47: Hacking the Financial System

Matt Werner aka @ropstenrich comes back during this cryptocurrency bull run to talk about DeFi. Matt is an expert in the cryptocurrency industry and a Product Manager at the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is disrupting the traditional banking system as we know...

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Episode 46: God’s Art

Calib Madrigal returns to the podcast to talk about God’s Art, a project he’s been working on to turn math equations into beautiful works of art. We talk about TruthyGraph, his fun project where you can see the artisticness of an equation’s truthliness.  We...

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Episode 45: Pentesting Business

Tim Medin joins me on this podcast to talk about his journey to starting the pentesting company Red Siege. He gives advice to pentesters who might be thinking of going out on their own to weigh the pros and cons. From there we discuss...

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Episode 44: Brew Hacking

On this episode, I spent New Years Eve with Nick Wersel at Dead Bird Brewing Company. We talk about our urban foraging adventure we took last spring in Milwaukee. We discuss hacking business in pandemic times and how Dead Bird Brewing’s model has pivoted....

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