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Explore interviews with hackers involved with CypherCon, Wisconsin’s Hacker Conference. CypherCon attracts over 1000 attendees every Spring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

New Episodes release on the First & Third Tuesday each month. 

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Our Recent Episodes

Episode 31: COVID-19 Pandemic

Today is April 5, two days after CypherCon would have normally ended had it not been due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Michelle Meas, an infectious disease researcher at Berkley, joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss all things COVID-19. We talk...

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Episode 30: Pyrotechnics, Church of WiFi, and Other Shenanigans

EvilMog, of HashCat blesses the CypherCon Podcast with his holy Church of WiFi presence. We talk a wide range of shenanigans he’s involved in from the inception of the Church of WiFi to running pyrotechnics at Burning Man events. He’s one of these people...

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Episode 29: Threat Modeling Imposter Syndrome

Keynote Speaker of CypherCon 5 – 2020, Alyssa Miller, joins me on this podcast to talk about applications security, threat modeling, and imposter syndrome amongst other topics. We talk about some of the best practices around applications security – especially when using open source...

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Episode 28: Socially Engineering

Chris and Kris Silvers of CG Silvers Consulting join me on this episode of the podcast and we talk about social engineering amongst other topics. This year (2020) they’ll host the OSINT CTF at Cyphercon. In this CTF you’ll put your internet stalking skills...

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Episode 27: Interactive Experiences with the Tymkrs

Addie and Whiskr (the Tymkrs)are a couple of amazingly creative people who make the wicked awesome interactive badges at CypherCon. Tune in to get a whiff of what the CypherCon 5.0 Badge smells like. We discuss the inspiration behind prior badges, what it was...

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Episode 26: Cracking P@ssw0rd5

Robert Reif is a brilliant password cracker. I learn all sorts of stuff about cracking passwords that I never knew about. In this episode we talk about how Robert’s summertime hacker hobby (involves a Wi-Fi pentesting stroller) helped him discover vulnerabilities in wireless routers....

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