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    Episode 38: Radio Statler Takeover

    Beaches, Bunni3, and Johnny Xmas from Radio Statler join me on this episode of the podcast. We talk about...

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    Episode 37: Shamanic Hacking from the Jungle of Peru

    On this episode, I talk with Hamilton Souther, an ayahuasquero (ayahuasca shaman) talking to us from the jungle of...

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    Episode 36: Hacking the Writer’s Mind

    On this episode, Janine Ayana Watkins AKA Winner joins me to discuss her new book Sonder Lives: Here Lies...

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    Episode 35: When the Truth is a Lie

    On this episode, I interview my good friend and journalist, Geoff Davidian about his most recent article When the...

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    Episode 34: InfoSec Oasis

    Trenton Ivey and Sean Peterson did it! They created what hackers have been talking about for years – the...

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