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    Episode 43: What’s Hackable

    Ted Harrington joins us again on the podcast to talk about his new book Hackable. We discuss how to...

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    Episode 42: Journey of an InfoSec Warrior

    Daniel Creed shares stories of the meandering journey of his career from studying music in college to becoming the...

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    Episode 41: Dumpster Diving with HD Moore

    It’s not everyday you get the chance to chat with a courageous genius like HD Moore. In this episode,...

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    Episode 40: Coding Tunes with Sonic-Pi

    On this episode Amy Upthagrove and I discuss how to make music by programming it with Sonic-Pi. We review...

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    Episode 39: Brain Hacking – Finding Peace

    Dr. Sudesh Kannan AKA Dr. K joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss hacking your brain...

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