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    Episode 54: Metaverse at Holosoft Fortress

    I had the pleasure of visiting Lance, Ben, and Travis at the Holosoft Fortress. They showed me some amazing...

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    Episode 53: Dr Dark Web and the Ethics of a Hacker

    Chris Roberts (@Sidragon1) joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk all sorts of hacker things from...

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    Episode 52: Cryptocurrency and the Afterlife

    I have the pleasure of speaking with one of my favorite authors, Daniel Pinchbeck. We started a dialogue after...

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    Episode 51: Climate Change – A Health Crisis

    Dr. Bruce Krawisz joins me to discuss climate change. Dr. Krawisz is a retired physician who dedicated his retirement...

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    Episode 50: Decentralized Infrastructure

    Russ From comes back on the podcast to discuss decentralized infrastructure and telecom. We discuss decentralized infrastructure with https://threefold.io/....

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