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    Episode 59: Wireless Wizardry with Eric Escobar

    We’re back after CypherCon 7 and I’m talking with Eric Escobar about all things wireless. Eric’s been with CypherCon...

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    Episode 58: Exploration in Consciousness

    In this episode I talk with Torie who discusses her consciousness awakening. We discuss channeling entities, telepathy, history and...

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    Episode 57: NerdQuarters Crypto Machine

    On this episode I talk with @At0xNQ about his journey into crypto from an interest in telemedicine and issues...

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    Episode 56: Firebird Crypto Music with Cullah

    Had an excellent conversation with Cullah! We talk about his music journey and how it led him to start...

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    Episode 55: Exploit GPT

    We’re back! I got a lot of great feedback at CypherCon6 about the podcast and when I’m going to...

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